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Who are we?

You can see them everywhere: on meetings for members, in the sandy terrain on the Veluwe or at a parade on Liberation Day - the beautifully restored vehicles owned by the members of

The name ’Keep Them Rolling’ was a cry very often heard by the drivers of the trucks from the Allies in World War II. This was to make sure supplies came to the frontline in a steady stream without the frontline troops being without food or fuel at any time.

Just for that reason a gigantic stream of military trucks drove to and forth between the beaches in Normandy (and later from Antwerp) and the front line troops on the move.

The name ’Keep Them Rolling’ now lives on in our Association. This Club (established August 21 1972) has now some 1.500 members, whose goal it is to restore and keep in good shape military vehicles such as cars, armor, trucks, boats and planes (indeed even those are in possession by members of this Club) from World War II. This restoring and bringing back in the original state usually takes a long time of looking for parts (or make it yourself), collecting, trading, rebuilding engines and tinkering to slowly rebuild the object as it was when it left the factory. The deplorable state in which some units are found in places in Europe and even out of Europe is such that sometimes you can hardly see that it ever was a driving vehicle. Very often so many parts are missing that to make one unit, you would need 2 or 3 incomplete units. Even than we are not talking about the rusted panelwork that has to be replaced or altogether missing.

Even so members of this Association have brought back to life many vehicles from unrecognizable to ’factory new’.

The small group of people who started the Club in 1972, in possession of some original vehicles (which sometimes had the most unusual colors) soon started to bring them back in the original livery and in olive green drab. Where it was possible to determine the original signs and registration numbers these were applied.

Now the members own most likely more than 3.000 vehicles from very different types from a airborne bicycle up to tanks and planes.

The Association deploys many activities. Annually Trade fairs are being held throughout The Netherlands. Monthly meetings are organized for our members on different locations.

Members and donators
The club knows members and donators. You can only become a member when you owe a vehicle, that has been checked for originality by one of our members of the Technical Committee. You can find a member of this Committee in each region in the Netherlands. When your vehicle meets up with the five basic checkpoints, you will be registered as a member and you will receive the Vehicle Identification Paper (VIP) for your vehicle.

In fact all new members will enter the club as a donator. You don’t have to owe a vehicle to become a donator, anyone who is interested in our club can join.

As well as members, donators will also receive our great Magazine four times a year, filled with beautiful pictures, technical subject and historical and common stories.

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